A Simple Guide to Help you Maneuver the Office Christmas Party

It’s that time of the year again and many offices are planning to have what has become a tradition of sorts in the corporate world; the office  Christmas party. The office  Christmas party has become synonymous with Christmas and has become so popular that it is a staple practice in countries where Christmas isn’t even an official holiday and Hollywood has even made a movie with  Jennifer Aniston in the leading role based on the shenanigans that have become synonymous with such parties.

While the office party is usually a time for employees to take a break from the stress of the job and have a moment of fun relaxation while mingling with their bosses at a more informal setting, many have misunderstood that there are principles that apply to such parties and have found themselves in embarrassing situations which have soiled their reputations long after the last guest walked out of the party venue.

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Dear Career Sensei – I want to quit my Job to start my own Business

Dear Career Sensei,

I am an intelligent and business savvy professional with over 10 years’ experience, 8 of which I’ve spent with my current employer. Though it’s a small company with a staff strength of less than 20, we control approximately 10% of the market.
There’s really not much of  a future for me here as I hold the highest office an employee can within the company, the only two positions higher than mine are held by the owners and co-founders of the business, a married couple.
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