Sexism & Harassment in Uber – Did ex-Employee hurt her Personal Brand by Squealing?

As a personal brand strategist, I’m often asked my opinion on issues as pertains to how people comport themselves in the workplace and ways in which to better manage and grow their personal brands.

And so yesterday, my attention was drawn to a blog post by a former employee of the ride-sharing company, Uber detailing what could only be described as a horrific year spent as an engineer of the company.

Her post was filled with accusations of sexual harassment, blatant cutthroat dog-eat-dog office politics, poor organizational structure and an HR department that can only be described as grossly inept and dishonest.

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Dear Career Sensei – Should I disclose my Pregnancy in a Job Interview?

Marissa Mayer got the top job at Yahoo! while pregnant

Dear Career Sensei,

I’ve been interviewing with a company for a role that I really, really want.

So far, all the interviews have been offsite via phone and Skype but I’m scheduled to meet with the hiring manager next week and while my qualification for the job is not in question, I happen to be 20 weeks pregnant!

I don’t intend to disclose my pregnancy for fear that it would limit my chances of getting the job and with the right styling, I can conceal my bump.

I’m I being dishonest by keeping my pregnancy secret? Is a company within their right to rescind an offer based on such dishonesty?

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