Why you Need an Elevator Pitch – And how to Create One

Make your elevator ride a business meeting

My client, Anabel once told me of a time she was asked to represent her boss at a conference.  She was more than excited to fill in for him as it was going to be a gathering of her industry bigwigs and some of the speakers were people she had looked up to and inspired her decision to pursue her career.

Impressed with some of the ideas that one of the key speakers shared, she resolved within herself to meet the said speaker and tell her just how much her words had impacted her. During a break in the session, Anable noticed the speaker who was also a highly respected CEO chatting with other attendees and made her way towards the group. After hovering around awkwardly for a few minutes, the CEO noticed Anabel and waved for her to join the conversation. She joined the circle but was too star struck by the portfolios of the other people within the group to join in on the conversation. The CEO noticing her uneasiness gently led her away from the group, smiled at her and asked her how she was enjoying the conference and wanted to know what she did and the organization she was representing. My client opened her mouth but didn’t know where to start from.

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Job Interview Makeup


Jessica Pearson has got the interview makeup on lockdown

For years job candidates have been advised to dress in formal attire when going for a professional job interview. The rule of thumb being that suits should be in solid colors (black, navy or dark gray) while coordinating shirts/blouses should be in neutral colors and accessories should be minimal. Men are advised to keep their hairstyles neat by opting for traditional haircuts (taper and buzz cuts) and going clean shaven or with a neatly trimmed beard while women are encouraged to keep their hairstyle simple (buns, ponytails, the classic bob etc) and keep hair away from their faces.

So you have got your interview wardrobe and hairstyle covered, what about your makeup?  Is there an acceptable makeup look for the professional woman going for an interview?

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