Job Interview Makeup


Jessica Pearson has got the interview makeup on lockdown

For years job candidates have been advised to dress in formal attire when going for a professional job interview. The rule of thumb being that suits should be in solid colors (black, navy or dark gray) while coordinating shirts/blouses should be in neutral colors and accessories should be minimal. Men are advised to keep their hairstyles neat by opting for traditional haircuts (taper and buzz cuts) and going clean shaven or with a neatly trimmed beard while women are encouraged to keep their hairstyle simple (buns, ponytails, the classic bob etc) and keep hair away from their faces.

So you have got your interview wardrobe and hairstyle covered, what about your makeup?  Is there an acceptable makeup look for the professional woman going for an interview?

While there are no hard and fast rules, as with your interview wardrobe it is advisable to keep your makeup as simple and natural as possible. The definition of what natural makeup looks like is becoming more difficult to define as the popularity of Instagram, the availability of smartphones with high definition cameras and the art of taking the perfect selfie have led to people wearing fully made up faces while doing even the most mundane tasks like shopping for groceries or picking up their children from daycare.

In order to keep your job interview makeup as natural  as possible, keep these tips in mind while applying your makeup

Keep your makeup as natural as possible by choosing shades within a close range to your skin color.a job interview? Acceptable makeup just like the attire worn to an interview varies from industry to industry and the job you are interviewing for.

Shine – Interviews can be nerve wrecking. Keep your cool by using a primer/mattifier underneath your make-up to keep the shiny, nervous look at bay.  A lightweight mineral powder or blotting paper will also come in handy.

Lips – While a nude lip hue is the closest to natural as you will look, there is nothing wrong with wearing bolder colored lipsticks. Just be sure to keep the theatrics on your lips, that means you should ditch the colorful, glittery eye shadow.

Eyes – Opt instead for an eyeliner, but if you insist on wearing an eyeshadow, it should be a natural tone.

Even though false eyelashes give you a wide awake and alert look, it’s best to ditch them during the job interview process. Because false lashes can come off at the most unexpected times. Opt instead for a coat of waterproof mascara.

Eyebrows – Groom your eyebrows by trimming and tweezing them to remove stray hairs, use eyebrow pencil to fill in patches.

Cheeks – Use a classic rose/plum shade blusher on your  cheekbones to give your skin some colour and glow.



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