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Prioritize Your Mental Health

Welcome to 2020! A little late I know, but better late than never.

There’s a lot of excitement about the New Year mostly because it’s the start of a new decade and maybe also because it’s a leap year (hurrah for one extra day!). I’ve seen a lot of goals for the year and as with most new years resolutions, the most common are related to loosing weight, eating healthier, exercising regularly and saving more money.

There is no doubt that all of these are good resolutions, but if there’s one thing I want more people to focus on in this year and beyond, it is mental their health. This is because mental health is an integral part of our overall wellbeign and impacts our everyday life. So yes you may lose weight, eat healthier and save more money but you wouldn’t find balance if your mind is not right.

Often times we push our mental health to the back burner only taking a reactive approach to support crisis moments. We will only stop to have our emotional and mental health checked out when we have reached a breaking point or have become incapable of functioning normally in our day to day lives.

But we don’t have to wait until we can no longer function to seek a resolution, we can all work towards proactively in seeking to improve our mental health by adopting simple lifestyle changes such as regular exercise, eating balanced healthy meals, spending time with loved ones and getting a good nights sleep.

We can also save ourselves from mental trauma by learning to identify the triggers that will hinder our mental health and work towards getting long term solutions by seeking professional help. While it’s normal to feel stressed or nervous from time to time, some behavioral signs and patterns may help identify when it’s more than just everyday stress and to seek help.

Some common signs to look out for include;

  • Feeling anxious, depressed, tearful or continuously irritable
  • Unregulated sleep schedule; either sleeping too much or not enough
  • Feelings of helplessness, hopelessness and low self-esteem; withdrawing or avoiding normal social situations
  • Feeling continuously emotionally drained and physically exhausted often without cause

Remember our physical and mental health go hand-in-hand, we cannot neglect one and focus on the other if we want to thrive. We must consciously work towards taking care of both our minds and body, understanding them and improving them in order to meet our goals for 2020 and beyond!

New Year, Who This?

First of all, let me be the 200th person to wish you a Happy New Year. I don’t know about you but last year was kind of a tough year for me, I had some spectacular highs and some devastating lows but I am super excited to have it behind me and looking forward to what this New Year has in store for me.

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Is it over for Anthony Scaramucci? I don’t Think so and Here’s Why


Because I am a thought leader in personal branding and all things career related, people are always seeking my opinion on personal crisis control and reputation management. So it did not come as a surprise when I got a phone call from a friend shortly after Scaramucci’s firing (or resignation) hit the news. She wanted to know if there was any way he could recover from such a public firing, how he could salvage his reputation and thrive thereafter.

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Why you Need an Elevator Pitch – And how to Create One

Make your elevator ride a business meeting

My client, Anabel once told me of a time she was asked to represent her boss at a conference.  She was more than excited to fill in for him as it was going to be a gathering of her industry bigwigs and some of the speakers were people she had looked up to and inspired her decision to pursue her career.

Impressed with some of the ideas that one of the key speakers shared, she resolved within herself to meet the said speaker and tell her just how much her words had impacted her. During a break in the session, Anable noticed the speaker who was also a highly respected CEO chatting with other attendees and made her way towards the group. After hovering around awkwardly for a few minutes, the CEO noticed Anabel and waved for her to join the conversation. She joined the circle but was too star struck by the portfolios of the other people within the group to join in on the conversation. The CEO noticing her uneasiness gently led her away from the group, smiled at her and asked her how she was enjoying the conference and wanted to know what she did and the organization she was representing. My client opened her mouth but didn’t know where to start from.

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Sexism & Harassment in Uber – Did ex-Employee hurt her Personal Brand by Squealing?

As a personal brand strategist, I’m often asked my opinion on issues as pertains to how people comport themselves in the workplace and ways in which to better manage and grow their personal brands.

And so yesterday, my attention was drawn to a blog post by a former employee of the ride-sharing company, Uber detailing what could only be described as a horrific year spent as an engineer of the company.

Her post was filled with accusations of sexual harassment, blatant cutthroat dog-eat-dog office politics, poor organizational structure and an HR department that can only be described as grossly inept and dishonest.

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Happy New Year!

Happy New Year! What are your plans for 2017? Did you make any New Year’s resolutions? For me, I’m not a believer in waiting for a New Year to make changes in my life because I’ve never really had success with following through with them.  Although some of the best decisions I’ve made in my life were made at the start of different  Year’s, I never categorized them as resolutions because I knew doing that may jinx them for me like all the failed resolutions I had made in the past.

I don’t know your plans are for the year but I am hopeful that you are committed to developing yourself towards a better you and I have compiled a list of simple lifestyle adjustments that you can apply towards achieving a more successful, healthy and fulfilling life.

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Overcoming Working Mom Guilt

As a mother of two young children myself, I can tell you a thing or two about the pain I felt when I had to go back to work for the first time after having a baby and how jealous I would get every time my son would light up when my sister (his caregiver at the time) walked into the room. Working mom guilt is a recurring topic on several of the mommy boards I belong to and any thread on the topic garners hundreds of comments from mothers sharing how much they cry alongside their babies/preschoolers when they have to leave for work or how sad it makes them that their children have become more attached to their nannies, daddies, grandparents or even daycare teachers.Working mom guilt, yes there’s such a thing and if you are a mother who has a career or work outside your home, you probably know a thing or two about this phenomenon. Working mom guilt is not to be confused with just plain good old mom guilt which is the kind the shame mothers feel for issues they face in the process of raising their children such as making a choice of not exclusively breastfeeding your baby to giving in and letting your child eat candy before dinner. Working mom guilt is another kettle of fish entirely, as it is exclusive to mothers who work to support the family income and in doing so are not spending time with their children as much as they would want to.

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6 Surefire Ways to Overcome a Work Slump

Does the mere thought of getting to work make you tired? Do tasks that would normally excite you now seem mundane? Do you find yourself getting irritated by office chatter that you would normally find amusing? You may be going through what is known as a work slump.

A work slump is defined by a loss of energy, lack of drive and motivation, feeling irritable, stressed and constantly procrastinating at work. Not to be confused with career fatigue, a more serious condition, work slumps tend to strike towards the end of the year as the seasons begin to take a calmer tone and the burst of energy you received after your summer vacation begins to wear off.
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Why You need an All-Star LinkedIn Profile

There are 350,000,000 professionals on LinkedIn which makes it the leading way in which professionals connect and network with one another. It is also the number one tool recruiters use in hiring candidates and has become such an integral part of the career eco-system that there are now career LinkedIn profile writers, professionals who for a fee will write and optimize your LinkedIn profile to ensure that it comes up in targeted search results.

Users with complete profiles are 40 times more likely to receive opportunities through LinkedIn than users with incomplete profiles and it is not just enough to have a complete profile as LinkedIn profiles are ranked by their strength which ranges from beginner to intermediate,  then advanced, expert and all-star.
To get your profile to all-star status you need to do the following-

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