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The White Power Suit

I love wearing a power suit. There’s just something about them that gives me an extra confidence boost. My de-facto color for my power suits has always been black and to an extent tan but I’ve always loved the idea of wearing an all white power suit even though I’ve never managed to pull it off.

I like the color white and know that I have the right skin tone to pull it off but up until now I have never worn an all white ensemble (even a dress!)  in my professional life mostly because I fear that it would be covered in stains ranging from my makeup to baby snot before I make it out of the house.

The most white  I ever wear is a white shirt or blouse underneath a solid colored blazer or a pair of white trousers paired with a dark shirt/blouse.


Rosemary Conley wears a white trouser suit from The Fold


But seeing this photograph of Rosemary Conley aged 70,   wearing a white power suit so effortlessly made me have a re-think. While I don’t plan to wear a white power suit to the office anytime soon, I have resolved that I would be wearing one on my next speaking engagement! Read more

Job Interview Makeup


Jessica Pearson has got the interview makeup on lockdown

For years job candidates have been advised to dress in formal attire when going for a professional job interview. The rule of thumb being that suits should be in solid colors (black, navy or dark gray) while coordinating shirts/blouses should be in neutral colors and accessories should be minimal. Men are advised to keep their hairstyles neat by opting for traditional haircuts (taper and buzz cuts) and going clean shaven or with a neatly trimmed beard while women are encouraged to keep their hairstyle simple (buns, ponytails, the classic bob etc) and keep hair away from their faces.

So you have got your interview wardrobe and hairstyle covered, what about your makeup?  Is there an acceptable makeup look for the professional woman going for an interview?

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