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How to Comeback from a Poor First Showing

A personal poor first impression incident happened early on in my career as an entry level e-business banking officer. Part of  my job scope at the time, included going to client locations to pitch our electronic banking applications to a group of often high ranking officials. It was a pretty standard routine, I would start off by delivering a  power point presentation to highlight the product features, follow it with a Q&A session after which I would launch the application and proceed with a live demo to emphasize how user friendly the products were.

I delivered these presentations so often that it got to a point when I could do my presentations without having to look at the slides and could predict the questions that would be asked  and answer them preemptively. I had also learnt from doing so many sales pitches that almost every audience had a ‘problem person’ and could spot them almost immediately I stepped into the meeting room. A ‘problem person’ in this instance refers to that one person that pretends to have more important things to do than being bogged with ‘your’ sales pitch, they usually spend most of the meeting fiddling with their phone/tab  and would only spring into action during the time for questions to ask questions with the sole purpose of throwing you off.

Over the course of doing these pitches, I had learned that to manage the ‘problem person’, I needed to pay them more attention than necessary and answer their questions as politely as possible no matter  how mundane or meaningless the questions were. The trick was to identify  them for what they were (distractions), navigate their obstacle courses as effortlessly as possible, stay on focus and never lose my cool or let them get on my nerves.

On one occasion, I was tasked with making a pitch for an important prospect of the bank and before heading to the  meeting my manager informed me of how big the prospects account was and the decision as to whether they would start banking with us rested on the product I was going to talk to them about. So I was already a bag of nerves heading into the clients office and it didn’t help matters when I spotted the problem person the moment he walked in as I was setting up. He sized me up and said to my hearing that he would have preferred someone ‘more senior’ than I was  to handle the presentation.

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TGIF: What’s so Special about Fridays Anyway?

I’m sure like me your social media channel feeds are flooded with TGIF status updates, posts and memes.

Fridays are the least productive day of the week with 35% work being less done than on Mondays the second most productive day of the week (after Tuesdays). Even the commute to work on a Friday is chill with less traffic.
There’s a generally relaxed vibe when you walk into an office on a Friday,  meetings are not as intense, no one seems to be in a rush and people at the office are in a more celebratory mood.
So why is Friday such a special day for employees?

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6 Surefire Ways to Overcome a Work Slump

Does the mere thought of getting to work make you tired? Do tasks that would normally excite you now seem mundane? Do you find yourself getting irritated by office chatter that you would normally find amusing? You may be going through what is known as a work slump.

A work slump is defined by a loss of energy, lack of drive and motivation, feeling irritable, stressed and constantly procrastinating at work. Not to be confused with career fatigue, a more serious condition, work slumps tend to strike towards the end of the year as the seasons begin to take a calmer tone and the burst of energy you received after your summer vacation begins to wear off.
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Love in the Workplace

Full disclosure, I met my husband on the job. We started out as friends then progressed into a romantic relationship and today as they say the rest is history.

According to this survey, 4 out of 10 employees have dated someone at work and 3 in 10 workers who had office romance married their co-worker. Let’s face it, it would be weird if people didn’t date each other in the workplace. We spend more of our waking hours in close proximity with our colleagues and since we work together, we most likely share common interests and goals plus the office is a much more conducive environment for people to get to know each other on an intimate level unlike say a bar or at a party.
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