Overcoming Working Mom Guilt

As a mother of two young children myself, I can tell you a thing or two about the pain I felt when I had to go back to work for the first time after having a baby and how jealous I would get every time my son would light up when my sister (his caregiver at the time) walked into the room. Working mom guilt is a recurring topic on several of the mommy boards I belong to and any thread on the topic garners hundreds of comments from mothers sharing how much they cry alongside their babies/preschoolers when they have to leave for work or how sad it makes them that their children have become more attached to their nannies, daddies, grandparents or even daycare teachers.Working mom guilt, yes there’s such a thing and if you are a mother who has a career or work outside your home, you probably know a thing or two about this phenomenon. Working mom guilt is not to be confused with just plain good old mom guilt which is the kind the shame mothers feel for issues they face in the process of raising their children such as making a choice of not exclusively breastfeeding your baby to giving in and letting your child eat candy before dinner. Working mom guilt is another kettle of fish entirely, as it is exclusive to mothers who work to support the family income and in doing so are not spending time with their children as much as they would want to.

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Dear Career Sensei – I’m in Love with my Boss


Dear Career Sensei,
I’m in a fix. I think I’ve fallen hard for my boss!

She’s hot, flirts with me, assigns the best projects to me and sings my praises to our director.
My colleagues have even noticed that she treats me differently and now refer to me as ‘Teachers Pet’ behind her back.

We are both single with nothing to lose should I go ahead and ask her out?

Yours Truly,

Hot and bothered

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How to Network Successfully

Earlier in my banking career, I was redeployed to the sales unit without requesting for it and on short notice.  Even though I like to believe that I love taking on new challenges I took on the redeployment with a lot of anxiety and trepidation because all my years in banking, I had been told that sales was the most difficult job function to excel in as the market was saturated with several commercial banks selling the same products to the same customers.

My manager at the time tried to calm my nerves down by giving me a prep-talk by sharing some nuggets that had helped her excel to become a star sales person with several promotions and awards to show for it. She explained that like me she had been thrust into sales but that she was able to succeed by leveraging on the strength of her network. She advised me to take advantage of the people in my social circles and to always be prepared by having my call cards and a couple of account opening forms I would never know when the opportunity to meet a prospective client will come.

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Free Resume Evaluation

Have you ever identified an advertised job that you were qualified for and applied for it only to never get a callback or worse still received an impersonal auto response notifying you of your ineligibility for the position?
If you answered yes, know that you are not alone. You see in todays saturated job market, recruiters are expected to sieve through hundreds of applications for a single advertised job. To make the selection process easier, recruiters have been trained to select applications based on very specific criteria and if your resume does not contain these key terms, you will continue to be passed over for jobs you are qualified for.

TGIF: What’s so Special about Fridays Anyway?

I’m sure like me your social media channel feeds are flooded with TGIF status updates, posts and memes.

Fridays are the least productive day of the week with 35% work being less done than on Mondays the second most productive day of the week (after Tuesdays). Even the commute to work on a Friday is chill with less traffic.
There’s a generally relaxed vibe when you walk into an office on a Friday,  meetings are not as intense, no one seems to be in a rush and people at the office are in a more celebratory mood.
So why is Friday such a special day for employees?

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You can now Facebook at Work

Well, it’s not like you weren’t already Facebooking at work, the difference is now you don’t have to swiftly minimize your web browser when your supervisor walks in.

Yesterday Facebook released Workplace by Facebook, a service designed for internal business communication. Just like the Facebook you’ve come to love as a medium to connect with family and friends, Workplace offers group, messenger chats, trending posts, videos and Facebook live. So now your CEO can address the entire company via Facebook live.

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6 Surefire Ways to Overcome a Work Slump

Does the mere thought of getting to work make you tired? Do tasks that would normally excite you now seem mundane? Do you find yourself getting irritated by office chatter that you would normally find amusing? You may be going through what is known as a work slump.

A work slump is defined by a loss of energy, lack of drive and motivation, feeling irritable, stressed and constantly procrastinating at work. Not to be confused with career fatigue, a more serious condition, work slumps tend to strike towards the end of the year as the seasons begin to take a calmer tone and the burst of energy you received after your summer vacation begins to wear off.
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Dear Career Sensei – Why Can’t I wear shoes I’m comfortable in?


I have just taken up a new job as a sales representative. Yesterday I was informed by my manager that I am not allowed to wear flat shoes to work and that I must keep my hair either in a bun or straightened shoulder length.Dear Career Sensei,

While I don’t have an issue with the hairstyle, I’m uncomfortable in heels, I told my manager this and she suggested I wear kitten heels or wedge shoes.
I wasn’t informed about a dress code during the interview process and the employee handbook makes no mention of these (it just states that we should be professionally dressed to work). Isn’t this discrimination?

Yours Truly,

Uncomfortable in Heels

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You got Fired, So what?


According to Joan Kingsley, a consultant clinical and organizational therapist who has spent over 25 years researching workplace psychology, the number one fear for employees is the fear of being fired, this fear ranked higher than the fear of failing on the job and the fear of being disrespected by the boss. People fear getting fired not only because it affects the source of their livelihood but also because many people have come to associate getting the ax as proof that they are the worst at what they do since we have been conditioned to believe that it’s usually the most unproductive employees that get fired.

It’s no doubt that getting fired from a job can be a traumatic professional experience and can leave you feeling hurt, embarrassed, humiliated and broke; but while it can do a number on your self-esteem. you shouldn’t let that singular act define who you are or where you are headed in your career.
In fact getting fired may actually be good for you, and here’s why:

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How to Optimize your LinkedIn Profile for more Opportunities

Now that you have gotten your LinkedIn profile to all-star status, its time to take things up a notch by optimize your profile so that you can be found more easily by recruiters or other professionals looking to connect with people in your industry.

Our friends over at Leisure Jobs have created an ultimate LinkedIn visual guide which you can use to optimize your profile. Follow the guide underneath to get the best out of your LinkedIn experience:

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